The Rosé Revolution: 10 of the Best Rosé Wines

The Dunstone Shiraz Rosé was named in the UK’s Independent newspaper as one of the top 10 rosé wines to drink in 2017.

Fun and light, rosé wine is the ideal tipple for a summer afternoon or evening. But it’s not just a pretty face with no depth. It can be interesting, textured and elegant, too, with a wide range of flavours from simple citrus and peach stone fruit to watermelon, sun-soaked red berries and black fruit, herbaceous green and white pepper spice. Some rosés have a tantalising lightness that makes them the perfect aperitif – others have more body and are a match for meaty dishes.

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Wellington: The Road Less Travelled

There is a pleasant honesty and a rustic charm that greets visitors as they enter the town, and the milieu remains in your memory long after you’ve packed cases of wine into your car and headed back towards the bustle. Wellington lays claim to a complex history, unspoilt natural views, luxurious accommodation, passionate people farm-fresh food and award winning wines. Wellington is an unvacillating valley of variety.

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5 Best Child-Friendly Wine Farms

Visiting the winelands can be the best thing ever, but it can also be tricky for parents who have little ones tagging along. Not all wine estates are family or kid friendly so we went in search of some of the very best winelands spots for families to visit. These wine farms and estate are fun for the whole family and most of them even have a space where the kids are taken care of in a safe environment, leaving you to relax and unwind with a glass of wine.

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