Romantic Getaways for Two

Top tips for choosing a romantic getaway for any occasion 

While a romantic getaway is most commonly taken to celebrate birthday and anniversary milestones, at Dunstone we agree with health experts when they say that taking a breather from the monotony of everyday life is an important part of ‘keeping it interesting’, and is fundamental for any relationship’s happiness and well-being.

When selecting a romantic getaway, we are spoilt for choice in the Western Cape, with the wide range of existing destinations and experiences to take your breath away. For this reason, a strategic approach to planning your trip is wise and well worth it, to ensure maximum enjoyment and less frustration while away.

Here are our top tips for planning a romantic getaway with your other half:

  1. Pick a place that speaks to you both

Your memory bank of good times spent together will draw you both to certain geographical areas and activities that exude positivity and relaxation. For example, if you are both avid wine tasters, then a trip to a new or known wine region may be a great way to unwind in each other’s company.

  1. Take time out for relaxation and wellness

When considering your accommodation options, make sure there are spa facilities on site or close by that you can both make use of. Booking a couples’ massage or steaming it up in a sauna is a perfect way to reconnect on a physical level.

  1. Pick up the pace with an adventurous activity

Amid the calm and serenity, it is never a bad thing to up the endorphins with some physical exercise and adrenaline! Even if you’re not in the best shape, activities such as hiking, mountain biking, zip lining or scuba diving offer a chance to get out of your comfort zone and face fun and adventure head-on.

  1. Stick to budget

Although a romantic getaway should feel decadent, don’t get carried away in the heat of the moment and blow your bank balance when booking your trip. There is nothing worse than financial worry to get in the way of what is meant to be a stress-free break.

  1. Digital detox your days

Possibly the most important tip of all (and perhaps the most difficult to carry out) is to put away your phones and wave a temporary goodbye to the world of email and social media for just a few days. You might miss it at first, but no one will even realise that you are gone, we promise!

Dunstone Country Estate has two ‘honeymoon cottages’ that are perfect for any romantic getaway. They are the newly refurbished, self-catering Acorn Cottage with its own private swimming pool and Vine Cottage, our B&B guest suite with its own heated jacuzzi on the verandah. Just an hour’s drive from Cape Town, guests are treated upon arrival to extras afternoon tea and cake and are also offered complimentary a wine tasting and cellar tour. For more details on facilities, click here.

You can expect: spectacular mountain and vineyard views, wine cellar and bistro on site, scenic mountain bike and hiking trails in the surrounding Bovlei valley.

Call Carmen on +27(0)21 864 1504 or email to enquire about availability for your next romantic getaway.